27 . 07 . 2014
Anonymous ASKED
How's agent victoria hand doing

She’s fine, thanks. The Hub is is good , heh, hands with her.

25 . 07 . 2014

MEMO #585

A reminder that no matter how bad the breakup any agent is experiencing, it is never appropriate to rename any of the Helifleet ‘Music’ and attempt to divert our course to the Marquesas or any other southerly islands.

Also our anchor has a nice adamantium alloy chain, not silver, and is not to be tied to anyone, with love or without.

Cmdr Maria “I’ll Give You All The Damn Midnight Watches You Can Stand” Hill

23 . 07 . 2014

w0lf0fshad0w replied to your post:MEMO #584
no no no, you don’t understand, the big ones are the safe ones. It’s the ones that fit in your shoe that can kill you. The huntsmans are actually kinda like pest control. I have at least three in my house, they kill the white tails and red backs.

// o.O… THREE?!?!?! nopes out of nopeville on my nopemobile.
I m gonna take this opportunity to point out that, in the wilds of rural Nebraska where I dwell, a white tail is a kind of deer. Cute, adorable, and not poisonous.

yet they still kill more people a year in the USA than sharks, because car crashes.

I guess my point is fuck mother nature, man, that bitch has it out for us all.//

4 days ago

MEMO #584

Spiders are never a valid reason to discharge firearms on base, nor are they justification for calling an airstrike in on your position.

The obvious exception for our Australian base is of course, always made in this case.

22 . 07 . 2014

MEMO #583

All SHIELD personnel with foot odor problems are reminded healthcare is free while employeed, and wandering around bases in just socks or barefoot is strongly discouraged.

If you’re wondering if your foot odor constitutes a problem, it is. If an enemy operative has ever known you were coming because they could smell your feet, it is a problem. If your Supervising Officer tells you it is a problem, it is a problem.

5 days ago


//it’s new. I hadn’t had time. SURPRISE!//

21 . 07 . 2014

ooc: blogs that are mine

in the interest of full disclosure, here are all my blogs, active, hiatused, or placeholder. Personal not included.


akihiro-daken,  arnimated, iwearred, areyouabeer, romulus-quirinus, thewitchofironwood, @thehallsofhel (new and nothing posted), @thunderintheskies (also Egpytian myth, or will be when I actually do something), mutantmisfit (bio coming sometime this year)




scythesandkittens, arghohgodohgodnoplease

6 days ago

MEMO #582

Wade Wilson is to refrain from suggesting to Tony Stark that a ‘robot shaped like Godzilla’ would be a good idea.

Because it definitely isn’t.

18 . 07 . 2014

MEMO #582

This is a reminder to whomever keeps setting off the TARDIS sound on the Helicarrier that such activities are prohibited.

A further reminder to all Whovians on board that leaving your duty stations to ‘see the Doctor’ is also prohibited.

Commander Hill

Deputy Director